Current Lab Members

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Lab Director



Dr. Michael Chen is an Assistant Professor in Psychology. He is the PI of the lab. You can find out more about the current projects of the lab by contacting Dr. Chen directly or visit the Research page.



Graduate Students

Megan Thomas.JPG


Megan Thomas is a first year PsyD student. She is the lab manager. Her research interests include innovative ways in expanding mental health services in rural areas.





Hogan Gagle



Hogan Gagle is a first year PsyD student. He plans to work in a veteran affairs hospital as a clinical psychologist upon completion of his degree.




Jessica Cooling


Jessica Cooling is a third year PsyD student. She is considering a career in geriatric psychology and health psychology.






Undergraduate Students

Deja Bush


Deja Bush is a junior at Eastern Kentucky University. Her major is counseling psychology but specifically with family and children. In the future, she would like to travel the world experiencing the many difficulties that people have and go through to further help them overcome their obstacles. She intends to work in a private practice setting in the future.




Alex Berry



Alexandra Berry is a senior psychology major.





Amanda Catalan



Amanda Catalan is a senior psychology major








Emma Moore is a junior psychology major





Aislinn Muccione.jpg


Aislinn Muccione is a psychology major with a concentration in forensics. She hopes to work as an expert witness for competency hearings and insanity trials. She has an internship with the district county attorney. Her plan is to go to graduate school to get her PsyD in forensic psychology.