Current Lab Members

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Dr. Michael Chen is an Associate Professor in Psychology. He is the PI of the lab. You can find out more about the current projects of the lab by contacting Dr. Chen directly or visiting the Research page.

Katelyn McClure is an experimental psychology master’s student at Eastern Kentucky University and is the current lab manager. After graduating with her master’s, she plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in experimental psychology or industrial/organizational psychology. She is interested in research based on pedagogy, educational technology, ethnicity, and accented English speech on learning and retention in various settings, and anxiety’s effect on learning and retention. 

Sunni Walters is a senior undergraduate psychology major with a concentration in substance misuse at Eastern Kentucky University. After graduation, she plans to get her master’s degree in applied psychology with the hope to pursue a doctorate degree in the future. The research topics she is interested in are social and cognitive psychology and the role of treatment and prevention in addiction. 

Anna Jones is a senior undergraduate psychology major at Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a master’s degree in either school counseling, clinical counseling, or both. She is mostly interested in clinical research topics such as mental health and the impact that social media has on it.